No More Electric?

power outageWhat would you do if the power went out all over the entire country? If the power went out everywhere I’m pretty sure that everyone would freak out. I might have a minor freak out, but that’s all. I would mainly be most upset about not being able to text my friends or watch my t.v. shows, but I would survive.

How would you spend your free time? Well, for starters instead of watching t.v. at night I would just go to bed when it was dark out. I could really use to get more sleep anyway……. Also, instead of sitting around all day texting I would most likely go read and spend some time outside. I would go outside and play with my dogs too.

How would it change your life? Having no electric would change my life a lot. I would no longer be able to text, use my phone or my kindle, and one of the worst things is that I would not be able to blog anymore. Okay, that might not be the worst part, but I would still be upset about not being able to blog.

Some good things that would come out of this though are that there would be no more pollution from factors and such, and kids probably wouldn’t be able to go to school. For some kids the school thing would suck for them, but for others (like me) it would be great.

Over all though, a big power outage might be a good thing. People would be getting more fresh air and more sleep. There would also be less pollution, like I said earlier. The picture is from here. Tell me in the comments what you would do if there was a power outage all over your country.

My Favorites

Fthor this week’s challenge we have to write a post about our favorites. This shouldn’t be to hard, I like a lot of things. Let’s start with music. My all time favorite band is Fall Out Boy. I also like a new band called I Prevail. I Prevail did a really good cover of Taylor Swift ‘s song Blank Space. I am also into Maroon 5, 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift, and many more. Click here to see where the picture of Fall Out Boy came from.

One of my favorite things to do is Power of the Pen, it is a group of kids that get together then someone gives them a prompt to write about. I love writing, it’s a great way to get out all of your emotions. I really like track too. I am a sprinter and a hurdler. Which is actually really surprising because I’m really short, but I am really good at them, hurdles that is.

My favorite tv shows are, The Walking Dead, The Middle, Modern Faimly, Face Off, Grey’s Anatomy, and a lot more. I am sort of obsessed with The Walking Dead, it is my favorite show ever. I have a lot of The Walking Dead things too, my favorite character would have to be Daryl, he’s pretty great.

Here’s just a bunch of little things that are my favorites. My favorite brand of shoe is converse. My favorite color is teal. My favorite drink is sierra mist. My favorite food is, of course, pizza. My favorite subject in school is science. My favorite thing to do in my free time is take pictures, not of me but of other things. My favorite candy is sour patch kids, and my favorite place to shop is Hot Topic.

Well that’s all for now. I will post more soon. Oh, and just for fun, my least favorite thing to do is wake up early for school. 🙂

Tim the Squirrel


The immature squirrel, Tim, was in my yard again. It was obvious that he had been snooping through my things. He was staring off into the distance, pretending I wasn’t there.
Tim looked very strange, he was wearing my red scarf and holding my red purse. There was a very gross odor coming from him. He smelled like leaves and dirt mixed with peppermint lotion.
Tim was so lazy that he didn’t even bother to clean up the dirt that had followed him into the house. I think he might have been brainwashed, he never leaves anything behind when he breaks in and he always climbs the trees to escape from me.
After he had been there for 30 minutes I started arguing with my friend on whether or not to take him to a vet. I demanded that we take him in but she didn’t want to, but then she irresponsibly let the dog out and just like that Tim ran away. Tim is a very odd squirrel, I thought to myself.

Hey everyone! I hope you liked my little story. It was for a project in my language arts class. Click here to see where the picture is from.

Day of the Dead

This is what some of the makeup looks like at this celebration.

This is what some of the makeup looks like at this celebration.

These are sugar skulls.

This is what one of the floats would look like in the parade.



If you haven’t already guessed the thing I am writing about is the Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican holiday, during this celebration people gather to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.

It begins on October 31 and ends on November 2. On November 1st people honor dead children and infants, on November 2nd people honor deceased adults. November 1st is honor referred to as Día de los Inocentes, Day of the Innocents, or Día de los Angelitos, which means Day of the Little Angles. November 2nd is referred to as Día de los Muertos or Día de los Difuntos, both mean Day of the Dead.

Sometimes, during this celebration, people will make small altars or shrines in their homes. The altars will usually have a Christian cross, candles and pictures of the deceased. People spend a lot of their time around the altar, praying and telling stories about the deceased.

A common symbol of this holiday is the skull. That is why people wear mask and makeup to look like skulls. It is also why people make sugar skulls and most of the decorations and floats have a skull somewhere in or on them. For example all the pictures I chose to use have skulls on them. (That is why I chose them.)

The Day of the Dead seems like a really cool and fun holiday to celebrate. I would love to go to Mexico when this is going on and participate in the events. I think that it would be a really fun experience. Comment what you think about this holiday!

If you would like to learn more about the Day of the Dead then just click here.



Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3


So on my last post I said I was going to introduce you to Stanley. (Stan for short) I have had him for about one month. Stanley is a male ball python, another name is royal python. I have always wanted a snake and then he was for sale for $50 the cage and everything else included, so I was like, “HECK YES!” Stan is about 2 and a half feet long. He could get up to 5 feet. (Big enough to eat my  chihuahua!) Speaking of food I have to feed him one mouse every Sunday. It is pretty cool to watch him eat it. I don’t feed him live though, that is just cruel putting it in a cage were it can’t get out. I use tongs to feed him. I don’t feel like getting bit by a snake. He has never bit anyone before though, he has only struck the glass once at his old house because the cat wouldn’t leave him alone. Some of my family members refuse to come to our house now because of Stan. I am putting a picture of a ball python below, I would put a picture of him below but I don’t have any on my computer. The ball python below looks a lot like Stan, but it might be a little bigger than him. I will be sure to post a pic of Stan soon though. Bye people, got to go feed Stan. He’s hungry! 🙂 I got the pic from, www.tattoopinners.comball python2

My Blog Audit

images (1)So the blogging challenge is coming to a end, which means it’s time to do an audit of my blog. Well, I guess we better get started then. Well for starters I wrote a total of 19 blog post (not including this one) 2 of the post were school based, and 3 were about my own interests. All of my post were set by the challenge. What else? Oh, I had a total of 21 comments. My post with the most was, “Ghost?” I think that post got the most because a lot of you bloggers out there believe in supernatural stuff, ghost, vampires, all that good stuff. Now on to the next thing! My favorite post to write was “What Is My Dream When I Get Out Of School?” I really liked writing that post because I got to talk, well write, about what I wanted in the future and how I was going to achieve it.

I had my friend Isabelle check out my blog and tell me what she thought of it. Try checking out her blog, She said her first impression was that my blog is very colorful. When I asked what captured her attention she said, the background did. Last but not least when I asked her if anything on my blog distracted her she replied with, your pig. So I guess Henry is a distraction, but I’m going to keep him anyway. I might even get him a friend!  Well I guess I’m done with my audit. Next time I will introduce you to Stanley! Is he a person? A pet? A stuffed animal? You will just have to wait and see.  Bye bye fellow bloggers! Have a nice day and keep smiling!    🙂  I got the image from,

Don’t Be A Loser, Stop The Abuser


 People who abuse animals make me sick. In my opinion anyone and I mean anyone who abuses animals should be thrown in prison. It’s just disgusting. I think that whatever someone does to an animal, like beating them, stabbing them, or even setting them on fire, should be done to them. That’s just my opinion though, I kind of hope you agree with me.

 Animal abuse and cruelty is a worldwide issue. Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, and whether the animal is a pet, a farm animal, or wildlife, the victim can suffer terribly. You can help these animals. Animals don’t have a voice, but you do, you can be there voice. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You can make a difference. This information is from,

 I was talking to my teacher, Mrs.Caudill, about my blog post and how I was writing about animal abuse and she said something that I agree with. She said, if you ever date a guy and you go to his house and his dog comes to greet you and he kicks it and yells at it then get in the car and leave. Anyone who will mistreat an animal with mistreat you. I think it is very important that everyone reads this.

 Did you know that most often people with emotional problems may beat, shoot, or stab animals or set them on fire? Those who abuse animals are very likely to be violent to other people, including their own family. This is from,

 Some people think that it is ok to hurt animals. Some people will say that animals don’t have souls, or God gave humans dominion over animals, humans are intellectually superior to animals, animals do not reason, think, or feel pain like humans do, animals are a natural resource to be used as humans see fit, and even that animals kill each other so it must be ok for people to do it too! Well its not and if you think it is then you can go rot in a hole! These facts are from,

Do you think someone near you could be hurting animals or hoarding animals? Here are some ways to tell.

-A person who keeps far more animals than they can properly care for is a hoarder.

-Lack of veterinarian care, wounds that have not been treated is a sign of abuse, scabs, and hair loss included.

-A bad shelter, not good enough for extreme hot or extreme cold.

-Dogs that are always chained up. They will never socialize with people or animals and there are exposed to predators, and the elements

If you ever see someone hurting an animal you might want to walk away, but if you really want to help the poor animal then call the someone you know can handle the issue. Every year the human society and the ASPCA rescue thousands of animals from horrible situations. This info is from,

 Millions and millions of animals have to be put down every year because of injuries they have suffered from their owners. Some animals can be saved and some are just too badly injured. If you want to help these animals there are lots and lots of ways, you could volunteer at a animal shelter, you could donate, or you could adopt an animal from a shelter or the pound. If you would like to find out how or just want more information on animal abuse visit this website, If you would like to read some stories about animals who have been saved then go here,

 One of the reasons that I want to be a vet when I get older is so I can help animals that have been abused. I really want to work for the ASPCA. I would really like to know your opinion on animal abuse. Do you think it’s bad? Or good? Comment below please. I got the picture of Willow from,   I got the logo from,

Count Three

blog2I have visited a lot of blogs so far, and I have commented on a lot. For starters I commented on Isabella post about what she wants to be when she gets out of school. Here is a link to it.

I commented on that post for a couple of reasons. I actually really wanted to see what she wanted to be. You can learn a lot about people just by seeing what they want to be when they are older. I learned that she is a really creative person. She wanted to be a tattoo artist, or a sculpture, and many more. If you want to see just visit her blog! I put a link to it at the top.

Another blog I visited was Shailee’s blog. I commented on her p9ost of where in the world she wanted to live. I commented on that post because, well I have been to the place that she wanted to go (New York.) She talked about why she wanted to live there to, it was really cool to know where she would go and why. Her blog was really nice. I suggest checking it out, just click on her name up there.

Last but not least I went to Luiza’s blog. I commented on her post about recycling. I commented on that post because it really stood out to me. When I was scrolling through her blog and I saw some pictures of some really cool art work that caught my eye. It was pictures of art work people had made from recycled stuff, it was very interesting. I decided to see what the pictures were for and I really liked the post that went with the them. Just click on her name to see the post. 🙂 Well that’s all for now. Bye! Oh and here is where I got the pic from,